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Welcome to LSMSA Virtual School and the Online Academy

Louisiana School for Math, Science, and the Arts (LSMSA) has two exciting online options for Louisiana students wishing to add to their high school education: the Virtual School and the Online Academy. Both of these programs provide supplemental courses for the student's school class load.

2018-19 Registration is closed!!

The Virtual School provides online high school and Advanced Placement courses to middle and high school students in Louisiana. We are not meant to be a stand alone virtual school, but rather an option to fill gaps in a student's schedule. Go to the Virtual School tab for more information on this program.

The Online Academy offers a limited group of courses designed for gifted/high potential 7th, 8th, and 9th grade students who want to take rigorous high school credit courses for accelerated credit. This program requires that students be pre-admitted to the program. Go to the Online Academy tab for more information on this program.

Any Louisiana middle and high school students may enroll in one or more of our courses. Students may be enrolled privately with their parent or their private school paying out-of-pocket tuition. Students attending a Louisiana public school may receive paid tuition through the Louisiana Supplemental Course Academy (SCA). The student's school districts must approve their registration.

The Courses tab provides more information about our course offerings.


As a pioneer in distance education, we have been providing distance learning to Louisiana students since 1989 through the LSMSA Telelearning program and in 2001, the program was redesigned into the Louisiana Virtual School in partnership with the Louisiana Department of Education. When Louisiana Virtual School came to an end in May of 2013, LSMSA Virtual School was born from the former LVS.

Our longtime faculty are dedicated to ensuring that students receive the best instruction possible. All instructors are experienced teachers who thrive in the online environment. The instructors are available Monday - Friday for each student via email, phone, and message chat to answer any questions and to keep students engaged in the course on a daily basis.

LSMSA is a nationally recognized top performing high school. It was named a Blue Ribbon School by the US department of Education, a Top Gain School by the Louisiana Department of Education, and a “Public Elite” school by Jay Mathews, of the Washington Post.